About Ste. Emilion

Ste. Emilion Church Goods

Ste. Emilion Sacramental Wines was incorporated in 1992. The company formed by it’s principals Michael Desider and Martin Riccio, was originally established and licensed to sell Sacramental Wines to Churches in the State of New Jersey. These wines, labeled Gold Seal and O*Neh*Da are produced and bottled from New York vintners. We are also a distributor for the Mont LaSalle label which is bottled from California. Ste. Emilion is the exclusive distributor in New Jersey for these outstanding brands.

After 18 years of building a business based upon the sale of Altar Wine, Ste. Emilion evolved into offering it’s customers additional products and services. Building upon it’s well established customer oriented service, Ste. Emilion expanded, offering only the finest quality products used by Churches. These lines include products such as Candles,  Altar Breads, Church Furnishings, Ecclesiastical Metalware, Sacred Vessels, all manufactured from companies of superior reputation.

In addition, Seasonal Liturgical Supplies such as Palm and Ashes, Paschal and Advent Candles are also a part of the portfolio. Additional features include Metalware Appointments, Vestments, Albs, Stoles, Sanctuary Candles, Votive Stands and Furniture. There is also a resource for distinguished Metalware Refinishing and Statue Restoration. In New Jersey we pickup and deliver using our own vans. This helps to lower costs and minimizes possible damage during shipments. Ste. Emilion Church Goods staff also have the capibilties to do install and refurbishing on site. This would include pews, kneelers and kneeler padding.

In order to set ourselves apart, Ste. Emilion Church Goods is determined to provide one stop shopping while furnishing the highest caliber, of one on one customer service, in conjunction with an aggressive pricing policy.

In 1993 we introduced our web presence at www.churchgoodSTE.com This site is constantly being updated to reflect any new designs that our suppliers are making available. All of this, to make a simple, enjoyable and informative buying experience for you, our customers.


Michael and Martin